Price of the jewelry depends on the material (Steel or Silver), the size (Small or Medium) and the type of the jewelry (Earring, Necklace, Charm).

Charms have an optional bracelet (19 cm).

Earrings are sold either as a single or as a pair.

Necklaces have two optional chains (50 or 70 cm).

No Bracelet$37$58
19 cm$53$85
Necklace (Size S)SteelSilver
No Chain$37$58
50 cm$48$74
70 cm$53$77
Necklace (Size M)SteelSilver
No Chain$48$90
50 cm$58$106
70 cm$64$109
Cutout Necklace (Size M)SteelSilver
No Chain$101$122
50 cm$111$138
70 cm$117$141

Shipping and Delivery

Shipping is free. Manufacturing and delivering a product takes usually 5-7 days to Europe, 7-9 days to USA. Please note that manufacturing cutout designs takes about 5 extra days.


The jewelry is manufactured using two methods:

Engraved jewelry is manufactured using laser engraving.

Cutout jewelry is manufactured using 3D printing.

Gift Cards

You can purchase gift cards for your loved ones so they can design their own jewelry. Gift cards are available for different amounts. After purchasing we will send you the coupon code that you can give to the gift recipient. The code can be used in the checkout.