In ‘Jevelo Market’, users can buy and sell designs created by the Jevelo community.

Public Jevelo designs can be purchased by anyone. You can browse the full Jevelo design collection at and a curated selection within the app Market feed. We will photograph each manufactured design and attach the photo to the design.

Private designs can only be bought by their designer, or a person who receives a purchase link from the designer. Designs that are unpublished or deleted by their designer are removed from the Market and are no longer available for purchase.

If you enable the sale of your design through Jevelo Market, a designer fee of 10 euros is added to the base price of the design. The base price is the purchase price of a design of your own, for you. You get the 10 euro designer fee for each of your designs sold.

We manufacture all purchased designs on-demand.

The drawdown of fees can be done after you have accrued 30€ (i.e. three sales). You will need to have a PayPal account to receive the money.

We prefer original designs. While mash-ups are fine, designs that contain clear and direct rip-offs of material owned by others are not allowed. We will monitor published designs and upon detection, remove such designs from the Market.