What is a Jevelo Ambassador?

He or she is a person who loves the Jevelo idea so much that they want to tell others about it and earn a little money on the side.

How do you become a Jevelo Ambassador?

1. Buy one piece of jewelry from us (so that you have a Jevelo experience and at least one piece to show around)

2. Create a Paypal account, so that we can pay you your earnings (or tell us your bank account details)

3. Email us your basic info (name, address, phone number and Paypal / bank account)

4. In your email, tell us a bit about yourself . Who are you, where do you live, and why would you like to be a part of the Jevelo Ambassador program.

What do you get?

1. 10% commission on every sale made by your code.

2. Your customers will also receive a 5% discount by using your code.

3. You will also have an additional code (-20%) to use for your own direct purchases.

4. 200 Jevelo Ambassador business cards with your name on them and a unique code which customers can use when buying from Jevelo.

Download and print your flyers from here.

And here is some extra motivation for you…

The centenary year of Finnish independence will be celebrated throughout 2017. In honor of this we declare a competition among the Ambassadors. The person who has sold the most by Finnish Independence Day (6.12.2017), will win a trip to Finland to see the production of Jevelo jevelry and its beautiful location in Fiskars Village. (The prize is for one person and includes flights and two nights in a local hotel)

FiskarsVillageFiskars Village, Finland


If you want to join the Jevelo Ambassadors program please, email us at: