Answers to some commonly asked question regarding Jevelo and its use, as well as our manufacturing and shipping process.


1. What is Jevelo?

Jevelo is jewelry You create. With our iOS app, you can create unique pendants from your images. If you wish to purchase your design, we will manufacture it and have it delivered to you.
You can also put your design on sale by publishing it to other users and it becomes available on and within the app. If someone purchases your design, we will manufacture and deliver it to them, and you will get a 5 euro designer fee for each purchase.

2. Which materials are used in your jewelry?

We manufacture your designs from either 925 Sterling silver or type 316L stainless steel, depending on your choice. We try to be environmentally responsible by using recycled silver. Type 316L steel is commonly used in medical instruments and is well suited for use in jewelry.
If you include a chain in your purchase, its material will correspond with your choice of material for the pendant.

3. Where are they manufactured?

Our manufacturing is centered in the beautiful village of Fiskars, Finland.

4. If my purchase has any defects, can I return it?

In case of a material defect you may return your jewelry for a full refund.
To ensure an optimal result, we inspect and finalize each piece by hand before packaging and shipping it to its recipient.

5. Where can I see examples of necklaces designed and purchased by Jevelo users?

Please check the Stories section within our Jevelo app and at, and the Jevelo Facebook page for inspiration and for examples of designs we’ve manufactured into jewelry.
The in-app Market feed displays public designs by other users.

Purchase and Delivery

1. How can I buy any of my saved designs?

Purchases can made straight from the app or on Jevelo Market at For online purchases you need to either place your design on sale and anyone buy it, or get a private web purchase link from ‘my account’ section of the app.
You can pay with any major credit card, and online with PayPal. We use trusted Payment Providers to process your transaction.

2. How much does the jewelry cost?

Our prices currently range from 65 to 110 €, depending on your choice of material and the inclusion of a chain in the purchase. Please note that shipping and VAT are included in the price. Besides euro, we also support payments in British Pound, Swedish Krona and Danish Krona. See price info from here.

3. If I buy one of my designs, can I add a chain to it?

You can select for a chain to be included during the checkout process in the Jevelo app or at Jevelo Market on
Currently Jevelo has a 70 cm silver anchor chain as an option for silver pendants, and a 80 cm steel anchor chain for steel pendants, both for the price of 15 €.

4. Where do you deliver to?

We deliver to all countries where Jevelo app is available for download in the App Store, using standard airmail. Currently we are available in the USA, Australia and in Europe in the following countries:
Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom.
We will expand our service to be available in new countries in the near future.

5. How long does it take for me to receive the delivery?

We will deliver within three weeks from your purchase, often sooner. We will send you an email when your delivery has shipped.


1. How do I get the best results when creating a design?

The better the image of your choice, the better the design. ‘Better’ in this context is defined by good lighting and contrast. Line drawings and illustrations naturally work well. Jevelo also enables you to fix the contrast of an image. Your ability to design awesome jewelry will improve after you’ve created a couple of designs.

2. What kind of jewelry can be created from my source image?

Designs start with an image that captures your inspiration. With the image selected, all you have to do is to choose a shape for it from the ones available and edit the design until you feel it is ready. In the Jevelo app you will find five different shapes to embed your image into.
The image itself can be adapted in two different styles: engraving and cut-through. In engraving, the image is realized with engraved grooves up to 0.6mm in depth. A cut-through design realizes the image as a silhouette, which is fully cut through the pendant body, automatically dropping off any loose pieces within the silhouette form. Please check the Jevelo app our the Jevelo website for references.

3. How does my final design look?

Jevelo will generate a full 3D preview of your design. Please also check photos of jewelry we’ve manufactured for reference.


1. What is is your manufacturing process like?

We manufacture each piece of jewelry on-demand using a combination of some of the latest in high tech manufacturing and traditional goldsmith techniques. To see an overview of the process, please watch our manufacturing video at
Upon a purchase, a design is rendered into a full resolution 3d file, which is then double-checked by a goldsmith for its manufacturability and durability. The design is then 3d printed, cast into metal and surface-treated. After that we inspect the piece once more, finalize it by hand and then photograph, package and ship it to the customer.