Don’t explain yourself. Express.

The jewelry you wear is not yours. These silent adjectives of your persona are designed by someone else, forged, sold and given away bearing shallow meanings that are known only if told. It’s not you you’re wearing.

We question this setup.

Meet our goldsmith Kristian, who challenges the status quo. Kristian, who could work for all the kings and queens of the world, decided to work only for you. In the dusky and tar scented pits of the North he combines traditions of craftsmanship, melted noble metals and a bunch of 011001. And this is where you come in.

You are the designer and Jevelo is your means to an end. It is what makes the unseen visible, the thing that enables you to show what you truly are.

A tattoo on your skin will last only as long as you do, a photo on your phone will disappear. A mass produced jewel tells no story. Jevelo, on the contrary, has a story that doesn’t have to explain itself.
Jevelo is not merely jewelry. It is you. Tell your story.

Design with your phone, we manufacture it!

Manufacturing of Jevelo jewelry pieces takes place in Fiskars village located in Southern Finland, which has been a center of handcraft and metal manufacturing since 1649. By combining latest technology and the arts of traditional goldsmith techniques, we bring together the best of both worlds. Every single jewelry piece is inspected and hand finished by our goldsmith’s ensuring the high-quality what you deserve!

We use recycled 925 sterling silver to craft the silver jewelry. The steel we use is 316L stainless steel, which is commonly used in medical equipment and is well suited for use in jewelry.